Get to know Celebrant Photographer.

All moments that a photographer captures are candid moments. It is simply a matter of when he chooses to press the shutter button.

Hi, my name is Sunil. Celebrant Photographer is a pseudonym I took on just a few years ago to put a name on my work. However, I have been at this for a lot longer than that. It has been a long journey of over 35 years, different camera technologies and accessories, from black and white to color that has brought me here.


The elusive dark room technician who used to be the master of all photoshoots has now handed over all the cards to the photographer. Thanks to the digital revolution, a photographer’s work is now entirely in his own hands. The art of photography is within full command of the photographer.

The relatively small additional burden of editing that now falls on the photographer turns out to be a huge boon to the rest of the world in the quality of photography. Rest assured that each picture clicked by me will also be mastered with care by me and me alone. I personally take responsibility for each photo I take and will make an effort to get every corner right before presenting it to you.